About us

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A new baby is on the way or has arrived, and with it much excitement, joy and happiness. However, being a mom or a dad is also not simple at all. It makes no difference if this is your first, your second or your fourth. Many things to learn and many things to deal with - sleepless nights, colic, breastfeeding, teething and more. Every age and its pleasures. Every age and its challenges. Moreover, babies and toddlers grow so fast – you constantly need to buy new clothes, accessories and toys. We understand that, and we want to make shopping for your baby and you simple and fast. We strive to give you the best and easiest buying experience available. Moreover, we understand the need to invest as little time/money possible and get the best value. Therefore, we at KOKO Nuts handpick and collect the cutest, most adorable, highest quality and unique items for your baby and you, and put them in one cool and easy-to-navigate store.
We are friendly and available to answer any questions. Reach out to us anytime, and we will
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